Management On Route in Tibet

Tibetaanse vrouw



We, the three involved parties in this MORE program are convinced that today’s managers and professionals have a very challenging job in which their personal touch is extremely important. By this program we seek to support the growth of this personal touch towards maturity.

MORE is a 7-days program that

  • stresses the enhancement of spiritual growth;
  • the investigation of different perspectives,
  • the reflection on the own attitude, values and world view.

Participants are invited to arrive at (individual) principles that will help:

  • To position in the world of increasing speed of knowledge and information transfer.
  • To chose for a paradigm and mindset for tomorrow’s situation.
  • To handle own vulnerability for critique of customers, clients, patients ….
  • To build relationships that help stabilizing in the over-dynamic world
  • To distinguish between competition and co-creation with respect to management behavior, attitudes, norms and values.

MORE starts with an introductory stay in Shanghai and continues in Qinghai province staying in the Youning Temple, at the Qinghai Lake and visiting  the Ta’er Temple.

MORE is a cooperation of:

Dr. Yong Wang, Greenment

Drs. Jacobien Kamp, Kamp Coaching & Consulting bvba

Prof. Zhouxin Sun / Xuedong Zhao,  Tongji University

Buddhist monks debateTaer Temple Qinghai