Recovery from Burnout

Burnout is the outcome of the inability to effectively manage stress. Of course circumstances play a role but the major cause is a person’s predisposition, e.g.:

> A highly achievement orientation

> Difficulty to delegate responsibilities to others

> Eagerness to add value

> An identity that is only based on work or profession

> Difficulties in saying no or inability to be appropriately assertive

> Fear of failure or making mistakes, or a chronic striving to be perfect


Burnout is a process that occurs over time, sometimes as long as 2 to 5 years. When it happens, people end up in a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, depleting their energy and losing touch with themselves and the world around them.

Since a burnout develops over a long period of time it will take time to recover and to get in touch with oneself and the world again. Recovery takes time and requires professional support.

The structured 7-step process helps to get back in touch with oneself and the world.

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