Managing Business Innovation

For executive managers and leaders that active in innovation that face challenges to transform the organization or optimize the organization towards better innovation performance.

Participants have preferably >2 years experience in their current position. An individual intake is part of the application procedure.

Course content
  1. Alienation from daily work, setting the scene for learning and sharing knowledge
  2. From narratives to generic guidelines for innovation:
    • Exploring the link between preferred concepts and worldviews in theorizing sessions
    • Exchange of participants’ dilemmas in dialogue groups
    • Conclude & edit generic guidelines for Managing Innovation
    • Prepare Action Research Plan

3. Preparation for anchoring of the lessons learned

After the Course, participants will master a feasible approach for managing business innovation and:
    • Will have a clear view on occurring dilemmas in managing R&D, they will understand the structural conflicts in dilemmas and will know have to handle these
    • There are better, action-oriented, ways with short feedback loops that create fast learning, and avoid costly mistakes
    • Are invited to generate personal guidelines on behavioral level
    • Are aware that more control and information does not necessarily lead to improved or more relevant innovation.
    • Know how to transform issues with scarce resources (people, time, money, …) into thinking about abundance, and the solutions will be quite different.
    • Apply Socratic thinking & dialogues to arrive at generic managerial guidelines that are valuable for the company.

Summary Overview Managing Business Innovation course (MBI ppt 2