Behavior in Standardization

Training Essential Standardization with specific focus on behavior141012_097

Target group for this training consists of standardization experts, as well as R&D and marketing staff, who (will) participate in international standardization activities in SDO’s or Consortia.  Department managers who are responsible for standardization staff can also benefit from this course.

Three focus areas:

1.  Steering of or participating in a standardization process:

2.  Handling intellectual property matters in the context of the company policy

      3.  Acting effectively in- and outside meetings:

What role(s) to take up, chair, secretary, convener ………….

How to arrive at consensus, using debating or negotiating techniques

How to delay or speed-up decision making

How to handle cultural differences

When to raise a red flag

Lobbying in the corridor


A full standardization training in which all three focus areas are covered conceptually as well as experimentally takes three days. The variety of lectures, best-practice examples and a hands-on Exercises make sure that learning opportunities are maximized for each of the participants.

This program is offered in cooperation with Odyksey. Link: