Over the years, I became increasingly aware that individual learning is extremely important, however it is the learning process that constitutes organisational learning, rather than accumulated knowledge of people. Accumulated knowledge is essential but is time limited and must be renewed continuously. My attention since that time has been drawn to the effectiveness of learning processes. I have developed different methodologies and applied a variety of interventions to make individual and organisational learning attractive and effective.

Most of the below courses are developed dedicated to a company’s wishes and are aligned with the challenge that the organisation is facing.

Typically the content, the learning method and the application area are interlinked. This make sthe development of courses a matter of interdisciplinary teamwork. I prefer to work in a team with the content professional, e.g. in marketing, sales, customer service, research & development, HR, finance, standardization.


Examples of Courses


Oefening tijdens training

Oefening tijdens training

Leadership I : Focus on tools, instruments, working methods

Leadership II: Focus on personal development

Coaching Skills for Managers*

Team Development

Change Management

Structuring organisations for better co-operation

Consultancy skills for consultants, staff, support departments

What drives Human Behaviour?

Management on Route Experience (MORE)

Innovation Leadership

Behavior in Standardisation

Modules on accepted concepts


The Learning Organization (Senge)

Patterns of interaction (Leary’s Rose)

Learning Styles (Kolb)

Situational Leadership (Hersey/ Blanchard)

7 Habits (Covey)

The Management Funnel (Vandendriesse)

Core Qualities (Ofman)